This summer, opt for the 2-burner gas plancha instead of the barbecue

The gas griddle: for healthy and quick cooking

If the barbecue has long been the master of conviviality, the plancha is now ready to dethrone it. In vogue for several years, this device is, in fact, a great ally for cooking all types of food. The advantage of the gas griddle is that you can place your meat, fish, vegetables or even eggs directly on the hob, without adding fat. In addition, the 2-burner gas griddle in the E.Leclerc event offer is equipped with an integrated grease collection tray. This practical solution prevents fat from stagnating on the plate. It therefore makes it possible to obtain healthy and light cooking.

Similarly, cooking on a plancha avoids the formation of carcinogenic compounds, unlike barbecue. Indeed, without fire, there is no smoke. You take no risk and get even cooking, without charring your food. Cooking temperatures cook food quickly, preserving as many nutrients as possible. The gas plancha is therefore the summer must-have to impress your guests while thinking about their health.

A user-friendly and practical device for all your spaces

The advantage of the gas plancha is that you can install it on a balcony, in a garden, and even in your home. With this appliance, the absence of an outdoor space is no longer an obstacle to enjoying the conviviality of this type of cooking. Thus, it is possible to gather your guests around grills during the beautiful sunny days of summer, as during the grayest days. This low-cost griddle, offered by E.Leclerc, therefore has more than one asset to allow you to transform all your spaces into an improvised kitchen.

With its power of 5.6 kW and its dimensions of 43 x 46 cm, the 2-burner gas griddle is ideal for making many dishes without taking up too much space. Equipped with a stainless steel control panel, an enamelled cast iron cooking surface and a grease collection tray, it is easy to clean and offers impeccable hygiene. Finally, its adjustable feet are a real asset to be able to control its height and adapt it to your kitchen space.

Discover the gas plancha 2 burners at 49€ at E.Leclerc

The gas plancha offers many cooking possibilities, which has earned it a place of choice for lovers of meat and fish, as well as for vegetarians. For less than 50€, treat yourself to an ultra-compact device to accompany you in your aperitifs and meals with friends all year round.

A sudden craving for grilled meats, vegetable skewers or a delicious semi-cooked salmon steak? You will appreciate not having to spend your time controlling the ignition of your barbecue. The gas plancha starts up in a few moments thanks to its automatic igniter: healthy, tasty and quick meals are yours, alone or with others. You will no longer miss a moment of your evenings with friends, and will only have to pick up a few foods to simply place on the hob.

The gas plancha will quickly become your essential device for successful meals in two stages, three movements, from your terrace as on your balcony. Its adjustable flame allows you to adjust the cooking temperature according to the food selected: you will never miss the preparation of your steaks again and will become a real chef for your guests. Take advantage of this irresistible offer at €49 to start the summer off right.

Let your talent speak for itself in the kitchen and become an outstanding chef thanks to the gas griddle offered by E.Leclerc. For only 49€, cook your favorite foods healthy while enjoying your guests. Its compact size can even find a place next to your suitcases to accompany you on your next vacation.

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