To have a healthy brain, here is the diet to follow

The Mediterranean diet is a varied, diverse diet that changes with the seasons. Getty Images

OUR ADVICES – One of the keys to protecting our brain lies in our plates. A neuroscientist tells us how to compose our menus.

Having a healthy brain takes work. To do this, there are many areas to occupy: good stress management, impeccable sleep hygiene… and a healthy daily diet. The latter is essential to protect our mental health and optimize our cognitive functions, and “is to be adopted from an early age and until the end of his life”, announces neuroscientist Emilie Steinbach from the outset.

Under the pseudonym feedingmybrain, the doctoral student in nutrition delivers on Instagram advice to apply on a daily basis to maintain good health, all supported by scientific studies. It indicates the procedure to follow to treat the brain as it should.

In video, the foods to favor for better sleep

The neuroscientist recommends opting, overall, for the Mediterranean diet. “Very many studies have shown the positive influence of this traditional diet on various aspects of health, including mental and cognitive health,” she comments. According to Emilie Steinbach, this way of eating…

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