Toulouse. At Trip and Str’eat food, it travels on the plate

The Trip and Str’eat food restaurant opened its doors on May 5 on the Jean Jaurès alleys. On the menu: dishes from all over the world offered by two friends who have become the managers. By opening Trip and Str’eat Food, Sébastien Jara and Rémy Piotrowska bet on the variety of tastes and flavors. On their menu, emblematic dishes from all continents. Each dish is named after a city. From burritos in Mexico City to fish & chips in London and ceviche in Lima. In the kitchen, chef Arnaud is at the helm. He worked several years abroad. “It’s a new challenge. Customers discover other cultures and learn to eat differently,” he considers. Travel and its exoticism breathe on the plates. Something to seduce the public, like Elora who comes for the second time. “The menu is original and varied. There is something for everyone!” The managers do not stop there, and aim for an evolving menu. “We are planning specific dishes for the Chinese New Year, the Rio Carnival or Octoberfest, it will change according to the seasons and events in the world”. All “home-made and with fresh products”, they get their supplies from local producers, notably at the Victor Hugo market. Sébastien Jara and Rémy Piotrowska met through the professional world. Both are franchised. They each opened a Subway fast-food restaurant in Toulouse. “Mine was born, allée Jean Jaurès on May 5, 2012. 10 years later, we opened Trip and Str’Eat Food in the same place”, remarks Rémy Piotrowska. With this new project, the two men are moving upmarket and going beyond the borders of Toulouse.

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