Toulouse. The guinguette of the observatory in Pech David takes the key to the fields

On the heights of Pech David, on the plain adjoining the observatory, a tavern bearing his name opened on June 15th.

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“The spirit here, explains Sébastien Blanchard, the manager, is a traditional guinguette, to enjoy the landscape and nature. The idea is also to secure the place to avoid wild occupation of the land: now there are barriers and security guards to prevent cars from setting up in the evening. The town hall’s concession for this summer was decided not long ago. There are still small things to improve, ”he concedes.

The guinguette aims for the stars

“Our public in recent days, explains the manager, it was families, regulars of the site, or people who discovered the site thanks to the cable car. The hospital stop is a five-minute walk away. Everyone wants to take advantage of the site”. Like Greg and Sabrina, 28: “We came with friends. It’s nice, there’s a view of the whole city”. The added value of the site, notes Sébastien Blanchard, is the view or the sunset. We have planned to buy telescopes, and we want to develop a weekly outdoor cinema session”.

85 Pech David Coast Road. Outdoor capacity of 270 people. Two food-trucks allow you to eat in addition to the bar. Open Tue-Sun 12 p.m.-12 a.m. for the bar, from 7 p.m. for the food-trucks.

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