Two decades for the “M’assada”, well anchored in Nérac

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Well known in Nérac, the “M’assada” has been open for two decades. Its manager, Ahmed Tarri, continues to delight the taste buds of the Néracais, and not only.

He resisted all the openings of restaurants and fast food outlets in the territory of Albret. For twenty years, the kebab sandwich shop “Le M’assada”, located at 6, avenue Maurice Rontin, has been full.

A business vector of conviviality

Its manager, Ahmed Tarri, has a lot to do with it. The loyal customers who frequent the establishment appreciate the friendliness and the smile of the owner who likes to please by preparing tasty sandwiches and kebabs. Young people and students from the Albret area have made it their favorite place to meet and share a small meal with friends. “I have always liked the contact with young people”, says Ahmed, who always has a little word for everyone. “Before, in Morocco, I was a teacher and I liked to pass on to the youngest… Today, it is still the case but it is done through my cooking”, adds the owner of “M’assada”.

The name of his establishment comes from his native village in Morocco. Helped by his wife Latifa, Ahmed Tarri likes to prepare sandwiches, kebabs, burgers, tacos and other oriental specialties based on kefta, merguez, steak, chicken… In 2011, Ahmed Tarri innovated by creating the Box. “I wanted to offer something other than a sandwich and I created this box made up of meat (at the customer’s choice) cooked on a spit then finished on the plancha and finely chopped. I add vegetables, cheese, fries and a sauce of their choice. Customers can eat it on the spot or take it away.”

This flagship product is a great success, as are other homemade specialties. The “M’assada” was also checked on April 28 by the veterinary services of the restaurant industry, which congratulated the establishment for its good behavior and its guaranteed hygiene.

It is with great pleasure that the manager of “M’assada” has seen at least three generations pass by. “I have known very young customers who have now become parents. Their children also come to ‘M’assada'”, specifies Ahmed, who enjoys friendly and lasting relations with his customers. For twenty years, the “M’assada” has been a vector of conviviality around a simple, fast and quality cuisine that delights the taste buds of many Néracais and elsewhere. “We receive customers within a radius of 35 kilometers from Condom to Aiguillon and even beyond. This is a great pleasure”, adds the merchant from Nerac. For twenty years, behind his counter, Ahmed Tarri has always worked with passion and the desire to please at very affordable prices.

The “Le M’assada” restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday and Sunday from 5:30 p.m.

Such. : 05 53 65 21 28.

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