Ultra Premium Direct: the visionary petfooder

More than 20 million dogs and cats light up our daily lives. The French brand Ultra Premium Direct is revolutionizing the world of nutrition by manufacturing grain-free products. It is also the leader and inventor of Factory Direct Pet Food in France and soon in Europe.

Here is an interview with Clémence Lavenu, agricultural engineer specialized in nutrition.

How does Ultra Premium Direct differ from other petfooders?

Matthieu WINCKER, president and co-founder and his wife Sophie of Ultra Premium Direct decided 8 years ago to upset food codes by offering cereal-free croquettes. We were among the pioneers in 2014 to offer dogs and cats a food made in France respecting their natural carnivorous diet. We offer high quality nutrition at factory direct prices, with or without a subscription. For 8 years, the brand has grown and currently has 115 employees. In 2021, she joined the prestigious French Tech 120.

This exceptional growth has allowed us to invest, and to double the production area of ​​our factory to 8,000 m2. We are also the first manufacturer to have opened its own physical store in Montauban. Customers can find our entire range there as well as personalized advice. A dynamic that Ultra Premium Direct intends to continue in 2022 by accelerating its development in Europe in particular.

How is innovation at the heart of your business?

Innovation is at the heart of our DNA. We want to make quality food accessible but also diversified through innovative products such as Toppers (slivers of meat in sauce that are added to the dog’s kibble to offer him tasty and varied meals). The brand is the first to offer such a wide grain-free range (including treats for cats) developed by veterinary nutritionists. With 11 new products released in 2021, our brand now has 55 references covering all the needs of dogs and cats. By manufacturing Protein Boost (kibbles combined with pieces of freeze-dried chicken or trout), our brand is more than ever a dynamic and innovative company.

Ultra Premium Direct is a brand that cares about animal welfare. What are your commitments?

We are all enthusiasts. The company accepts employees’ animals in the office. Very sensitive to the animal cause, Ultra Premium Direct continues its charitable commitments with associations and shelters in the region (around 80,000 meals offered in 2021). We also raise awareness about abandonment via our site or our partnerships with our influencers. We have just joined the “1% For Animals” Label launched by the YouCare association, whose mission is to save animal lives and protect biodiversity. Ultra Premium Direct has undertaken to donate 1% of the turnover generated by its puppy and kitten range (i.e. 14 products). We are the first petfooder to join this great project.


Ultra Premium Direct: Cereal-free kibbles for sterilized or indoor adult cats

The Ultra Premium Direct recipe is suitable for sterilized cats or indoor cats with a tendency to overweight. Made without cereals and containing 70% ingredients of animal origin, these kibbles rich in protein (43%) and low in fat (15%) help maintain your cat’s healthy weight. This “best seller” recipe from the brand is in keeping with the carnivorous diet of all felines. Available in 3 kg and 7 kg formats.

  • Website: www.ultrapremiumdirect.com

  • Price: €21.90 for the 3 kg format – €19.71 in subscription.

  • Price: €37.90 for the 7 kg format – €34.11 in subscription.

Ultra Premium Direct: Cereal-free kibbles for sensitive puppies of all sizes

Made in France, these croquettes are designed to accompany and support the growth of the animal. They are high in protein and made without grains in accordance with the nature of your pup. They are made of lamb: highly digestible and low allergenic protein. They also contain glucosamine and chondroitin to contribute to the proper functioning of the joints. Available in 4 and 12 kg (the 4 kg format is labeled 1% For Animals)

  • Website: www.ultrapremiumdirect.com

  • Sale: on the brand’s website or shop in Montauban and Estillac

  • Price: €25.90 for the 4 kg format – €23.31 in subscription. €49.90 for the 12 kg format – €44.91 in subscription.

Ultra Premium Direct: Protein Boost Chicken

A real innovation in France, this product combines croquettes made without cereals with pieces of cold-dried chicken (called freeze-dried). Freeze-drying removes moisture from raw chicken without cooking and retains nutrients. Adding freeze-dried to the kibble provides highly digestible, high-quality protein to help maintain muscle mass, healthy skin and a shiny coat. For adult dogs of all sizes. Available in 3 kg and 8 kg

  • Website: www.ultrapremiumdirect.com

  • Sale: On the brand’s website or shop in Montauban and Estillac

  • Price: €29.90 for the 3 kg format – €26.91 in subscription. €57.90 for the 8 kg format – €52.11 in subscription. :

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