Villefranche-de-Rouergue: the Estaminet, only two years old and already at Gault&Millau

the essential
The surprise was great for the team of the young restaurant l’Estaminet. That of being registered in the Gault&Millau of the regions.

It has only been open for two years and yet it has marked its territory in the gastronomic landscape of Villefranche. L’Estaminet installed on Place Bernard-Lhez made the happy discovery of appearing in the Gault&Millau of the regions, “Gourmet getaway in Occitanie”. “A very nice surprise, especially since it is great chefs who offer the restaurants”, enthuses Caroline who owns the restaurant with Franck. “We have to continue like this. It gives good prospects in any case,” adds Franck.

This success, they owe it above all to their team spirit, even family. “We get there all together. We managed to have a solid team that works,” continues Caroline. She is in the dining room while Franck is in the kitchen. They can count on Aurore, Pierrette, Sullayman, Lilian, Justin and Emma. This good-natured, warm spirit is what attracts customers. Around good seasonal dishes at affordable prices, the meridian or night break has a taste of travel in the lands of Aveyron. A traditional, modern and accessible cuisine.

New for the summer

L’Estaminet does not intend to rest on its laurels. With the arrival of the summer season and the scent that the filming of the Netflix mini-series will create, the restaurant will open its terrace from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., from June 20 to enjoy a shaded exterior, a pancake, an ice cream or even a good coffee or a mojito, in addition to its restaurant. The latter remains closed on Wednesday and Sunday. It will be open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday.

The Estaminet, 8 place Bernard-Lhez. Telephone 05 65 57 23 71.

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