War in Ukraine: McDonald’s successor moves to Russia

McDonald’s will reopen in Russia. But under another name. Indeed, as Reuters reports, relayed by Boursorama, the former restaurants of the American giant now have a new owner and a new image. From Sunday June 12, the date on which the country celebrates “Russia Day”, around fifteen of the brand’s fast-food restaurants will reopen to the public.

Even the very first Russian McDonald’s, opened in January 1990, on Pushkin Square in Moscow, will change its face. This establishment is a bit of a symbol in Russia, since it was established at the time of the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War.

Striking signs of the end of an era: the famous large yellow “M” letters of the American sign have been dismantled in recent days in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The McDonald’s logo has now been replaced by a steak and two fries on a green background. For the time being, no brand name has been revealed, but the company has been registered under the name Sistema PBO. On Sunday, around fifteen restaurants in Moscow and its region will reopen to customers. The other establishments should follow within two months.

After announcing the closure of all its restaurants and its complete withdrawal from Russia, following the invasion of Ukraine by Moscow, McDonald’s had, a few weeks later, indicated that it had sold all its premises to the man of businessman Alexander Govor. The latter plans to extend the network to 1,000 establishments.

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