Warning, this product may be dangerous for some of you

Sausages are subject to a recall throughout France. While it is not a risk for everyone, it may be dangerous for some of you. What brand is it and why should you bring it back if you are concerned?

Mass product recalls never stop. Between ham, aperitif cheeses or even pistachios, it’s hard to know where to turn. To find out about recently recalled products, here’s how it works. Most of the time, the recalled products are often contaminated with listeria and can cause a serious illness: listeriosis. This time, this sausage is not affected by such a risk. It can still impact your health if you have allergies. Indeed, these hazelnut sausages have a labeling problem and forget to mention the presence of a hazelnut allergen. Before telling you which brand it is, here is why it is dangerous for you to consume this product if you are allergic.

Food allergies: how does it work?

Allergy is an inappropriate response of our body called hypersensitivity reaction. This reaction is triggered by exposure to a substance in our environment that should normally be tolerated (pollen, food, animals) – it is called the allergen. The mechanism of allergy takes place in two stages. At first contact, the body becomes aware…

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