We finally know why chocolate is wrapped in foil

Do you know why chocolate bars are systematically covered with aluminum foil inside the packaging? For some, it’s a question of hygiene. For others, it is to better preserve the chocolate. We disentangle the true from the false.

Who can resist the idea of ​​biting into a square of chocolate at the end of the meal? Whether you prefer white chocolate, dark very strong in cocoa or milk chocolate, you will always find a tablet at the back of your cupboard. We love it so much that we consume 4 million tablets a year in France alone. You imagine ? Between bars, desserts and sweets, an average French person consumes around 7 kilos of chocolate each year. In short, we are all addicted to chocolate. Besides, test your knowledge to find out if you really know everything about chocolate. By dint of eating them, you must have noticed that all the industrial brand chocolate bars are wrapped in a layer of aluminum under a prettier and more attractive packaging. But why not settle for a single packaging, just to reduce waste?

It is above all an aesthetic and hygienic reason

With the heat wave of recent days, manufacturers do well to wrap chocolate bars in aluminum foil. Otherwise, our tablets would be melted a long time ago and the packaging would be stained with grease. Not very seller in the shelves of the supermarket all that… The tablets…

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