“We want to show that it is possible to consume differently”

Drink a Coca-Cola at the Orangerie, the restaurant at the Pall Center in Oberpallen? It will be over soon. Slowly, but surely, the Pall Center wants to be greener and greener, without threatening its financial balance. Business obliges.

The director, Christianne Wickler, is not afraid of arm wrestling with industrialists. It’s almost a trademark for her. The businesswoman, passionate, instinctive, with a determined gaze, travels around the world to smell the trends and feel what the world of tomorrow will be made of.

►► She decided to eject Coca-Cola from her card: “We want to show that it is possible to consume differently”.

►► “If it were up to me, I would take a radical turn, but the clients might not follow,” she confides.

►► Regarding textiles, it’s the same fight, there are changes!


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