What are the links between our diet and our mental health?

Antidepressants will rectify chemical balances in the brain without asking the question of where the initial imbalance comes from. It can come from a lack of physical activity. We know that it is very effective, in the same way as food, in preventing depression. Antidepressants will provide temporary relief without treating the underlying inflammation.

In our societies, we eat the western dietone of the worst diets for your health, because it is very inflammatory, very rich in fast sugars and saturated fats. These products, mostly ultra-processed, will unbalance the microbiota, this will induce dysbiosis, a disturbance in the quality and sometimes the quantity of microbiota.

It is a bit as if the collapse of biodiversity in the environment is accompanied by a collapse of biodiversity in our microbiota.

Among the diseases of civilization, there is diabetes, cancer, but also depression.

The big mental health awareness of the last decade is that the risk factors for cancer are the same as those for depression. We must not split the body and the spirit as Descartes did; we are really in a Spinozist approach, one does not go without the other. And it’s really at the biological level that it plays out.”

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