Where to taste the cuisine of the Top Chef 13 candidates?

  • Louise Bourrat – chef of the restaurant Boubou’s (Lisbon)

Despite a small complex linked to an atypical career – unlike most of her competitors Louise Bourrat has never officiated in the kitchens of a palace – Louise Bourrat has managed to climb to the final of the famous culinary competition . His strength ? His creativity, his audacity, his commitment… always very noticeable in his dishes. With such talent and a strong character, the young chef based in Portugal has seduced the biggest names in international gastronomy! And of course, we also dream of tasting his dishes! While the last show of the season has not been broadcast, the only known address of Louise Bourrat is her restaurant in Lisbon… but we hope for a nice surprise and the opening of an address (ephemeral or not) in the ‘Hexagon !

Boubou’s – R. Monte Olivete 32A 1200-280 Lisboa

  • Arnaud Delvenne – chef at Nono (Liège) and at Philo Saucisse by Top Chef (Paris)

By completing 3e of the competition, the young chef Sébastien Renard was not unworthy. As touching as he is talented, he is probably the chef who wins the most unanimous acclaim from the public! His strengths ? His creativity, his determination, his audacity and his contagious good humor! For now, it is “looking for a nugget where [s]’settling on the Opal Coast for ever more culinary madness’.

If he bowed in 4e position in the culinary competition, the young chef also made an impression. Winner ofTop Chef objective, holder of a title of “Best Apprentice of France” in 2020, at just 20 years old Pascal Barandoni has been able to impose himself over the weeks of competition. His ambition remains intact: he has set himself the goal of becoming “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in the years to come and of opening his restaurant at the age of 30!

  • Mickael Braure – chef at Witloof (Ennevelin) and at Philo Saucisse by Top Chef (Paris)

His competitors feared him seeing in him the future winner of this edition. Released by Sébastien Renard as a last chance, Mickaël Braure already has a very strong culinary signature. Its motto ? “Fat, that’s life” ! To taste his “peasant and sexy” cuisine – quite a program! – it’s at the Bistrot du “Witloof” (59) that it happens! But not only. The chef is working on a 2nd restaurant, near his 1st establishment, which should open in 2023. In addition, you can also discover his cuisine at Philo Saucisse since he was also a member of the winning team of ‘La Guerre Restaurants’ (with Arnaud Delvenne and Wilfried Romain)!

Bistro Wiloof – 4 rue de la Marque, 59710 Ennevelin France.

  • Lilian Douchet – Lil’ Home (Bordeaux) and Dame Augustine (Paris)

Away from the stoves by the Covid-19 crisis, Lilian Douchet has found her way back to the kitchens. For his greatest happiness but also that of the gourmands! In addition to an address in Bordeaux, he has just opened a restaurant in the heart of the capital, Dame Augustine. 2 opportunities to taste the cuisine of this talented, humble and determined chef.

Lil’Home – 9 Quai Des Chartrons, 33000, Bordeaux France

Dame Augustine – 32 Av. des Gobelins, 75013 Paris

For now, we don’t know his address… but you can savor his cuisine at Philo Saucisse. While waiting for other projects to see the light of day?!

  • Thibault Spiwack – chef of ANONA restaurant and Starving Club (Responsible mini food court – 100% street food) (Paris)

ANONA restaurant – 80 Boulevard des Batignolles, 75017 Paris.

Starving Club – 11 Boulevard Pasteur, 75015 Paris.

  • Lucy Berthier Gembara – chef of Sepia restaurant (Nantes)

Very inspired by family and convivial cooking throughout her career on the M6 ​​show, the young chef seems to have emerged even stronger from the Top Chef culinary adventure after having had the opportunity to reconnect with her mentor, chef Alexandre Mazzia, three-star chef and elected chef of the year 2021. You can savor his cuisine in his restaurant, in Nantes.

Sepia restaurant – 1 Bis quai de Turenne, 44000 Nantes.

  • Ambroise Voreux – The Sailor’s Hut (Bréhémont)

La Cabane à Matelot – 19 avenue du 11 Novembre, 37130 Bréhémont

  • Elis Bond
  • Logan Depuydt – head of L’Artiste (Falaën)

The Artist – 13 rue de la gare 85, 5522 Falaën

  • Tania Cadeddu – Chef of Vida (Paris)

The young chef from Sardinia had been pushed to participate in the competition by Juan Arbeláez with whom she officiates. And the Colombian chef who participated in Top Chef in 2011 was well inspired! We regret a little that the talented chef left the competition too soon. His friendly and sunny cuisine is sure to delight!

Vida – 49 rue de l’Échiquier, 75010 Paris.

  • Renaud Ramamourty – Executive Chef Maison Petrossian
  • Elliott Van de Velde – head of Entropy (Brussels)

Entropy – Sint-Goriksplein 22, 1000 Brussels (Belgium).

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