Why did the restaurant “Le Crabe Vert” become “Les Mouettes” in Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer?

The Green Crab became Les Mouettes during filming
The Green Crab became Les Mouettes during filming ©Benjamin Forant

For a week, from June 7 to 16, 2022the regulars of Green Crab at Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer (Calvados) could not have lunch or dinner in their favorite restaurant due to exceptional closure, causing questions in the town. The questions were heightened when the sign “Le Crabe Vert” was replaced by “Les Mouettes”.

But don’t panic, the business has simply been requisitioned for the filming of the new film byIsabelle Mergault, Hands of Goldpart of the plot of which takes place on the Coast of Mother-of-Pearl. The Norman filming of the feature film ended on Thursday June 16, 2022.

Several people thought that I had sold Le Crabe Vert. But not at all, it is open all summer!

Olivier Wahl, manager

4 days of shooting

Contacted in April by the director’s assistant, Olivier Wahl immediately responded positively to the opportunity presented to him. “I knew that Isabelle Mergault was very fond of the Côte de Nacre, and that she had been coming to Saint-Aubin for thirty years. I immediately responded positively, so my teams could go on vacation during the week. »

Filming was originally scheduled for June 6. But the restaurateur asked for a one-day postponement. “When you know the attendance at Saint-Aubin usually on June 6, I thought it was a good thing to shift. »

The first two days, the decorators took care of the transformation of the restaurant.

Isabelle Mergault wanted an atmosphere that is more bistro than restaurant so that it sticks to the story, so they had to take everything back.

The next four days were devoted to shooting the various scenes, including the conclusion of the film. Finally, two days were planned to get the establishment back in shape.

“It was an amazing experience”

A few days after the experience, Olivier Wahl draws an initial assessment, and it is more than positive. “It was an extraordinary experience. The team is great and very professional. Josiane Balasko and Lambert Wilson are very accessible. Frankly, there is only good to withdraw! »

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