4 Steps to Keep Data Security

Most companies today have an information system that contains much (if not all) of their data.

Even with the best IT tools, a company may encounter a problem, either through malicious intent or through an incident, that may result in data loss. For this, it is necessary to implement IT security procedures within the company.

Here are 4 basic measures to put in place to protect yourself against the risk of data loss.

1. Protect server access

When a company has its own servers, they should be located in a locked, air-conditioned area in the center of the building and not on the ground floor whenever possible.

It is not uncommon to see server rooms that are not air-conditioned or have a window overlooking a street.

Working with a reputable hosting provider can greatly limit this risk.

2. Computer Access Management

It is advisable to set up user profiles within the company so that each employee or external party only has access to the software and data that they need for their job.

In addition, it is recommended to limit user rights, such as the impossibility of deleting data for example.

Too often, especially in small companies, anyone can access all the company’s data. However, no one is safe from a malicious individual who could destroy data.

Moreover, access to a computer must be protected by a login and a password that are only known by the employee in question, the IT department and the manager.

3. Backup systems

Computer backups are often the first backup procedure one thinks of and they are indeed an effective security tool.

However, in order for them to be truly effective, they must be :

backups must be regular: the backup media must be stored in a secure location outside the company,
there is internal control to ensure that the backups are done correctly, the recovery procedure works. Many companies neglect these last two points until the day an incident occurs…

4. Data recovery solutions

Even if many IT security tools are used correctly, an event that could cause data loss may occur.

In this case, the company must have thought about setting up a data recovery procedure. However, this is a service that requires special skills and working with a specialized external service provider has several advantages.

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