[ Ces aliments qui pourraient figurer au menu d’ici 2050]

Wars, climate change, lack of access to drinking water… So many factors that can lead to situations of food insecurity, according to experts. How to reverse this situation? “False banana”, “wild cereals”, fruit of the Pandanus tectorius… You may not be familiar with these names yet. It’s just the foods that could be on your … Read more

François Bretonnière and Florie Tourgon join HDV Avocats

April 4, 2022 – HDV Avocats, a labor law firm, is expanding its teams with the arrival of François Bretonnière and Florie Tourgon in the Clermont-Ferrand office. Specialist in labor law and social security law, Francois Bretonniere has real expertise in various strategic areas: in consulting (restructuring, PSE, solutions for adapting the workforce, collective relations … Read more

Puppy Abused And Thrown Into River Still Ready To Give Humans A Chance

© Jackson County Animal Shelter – Michigan/Facebook VanBuren, a 6-month-old puppy, was found abandoned in an iron cage by a river. The young dog with the broken leg is slowly recovering from his injury and his traumatic experience at the shelter. However, it can already be adopted. The pet association Jackson County Animal Shelterlocated in … Read more

Massive recall at Leclerc: do not consume this food contaminated with Listeria, it is chicken

The brand has experienced several cases of product recalls since April. Before chicken, cold cuts and fish marketed in the supermarket have already been the subject of a recall procedure. For good reason, the famous products are suspected of containing Listeria, the agent responsible for listeriosis. The latter is a disease that can be serious … Read more