Bichette, the latest addition to the Faber-Lascombes group opens this Tuesday, June 21 at the Halles de Bacalan

Nicolas Lascombes, Bordeaux restaurant owner of several restaurants in Gironde, in his restaurant Le Familia in Bacalan. Claude Petit/ “SOUTH WEST” On the same subject Bordeaux: at Le Cerey restaurant, we work as a family The former cook of Krakatoa Christophe Andrau has opened a restaurant with his sister Delphine in place of the former … Read more

List of small domestic rodents

Rodents are very popular pets for many people. Generally, they shouldn’t wreak havoc on your home. On the contrary, they provide pleasant company for both adults and children. Nevertheless, many are very hesitant when it comes to determining which animal to take. To help you, we present the most popular rodents in this article. The … Read more

Ritual slaughter in Brussels: a “mind-blowing” decision according to Gaia

“It’s amazing that parliamentarians with all the scientific arguments at their disposal deny that the earth is round,” said Ann De Greef, director of Gaia. The association for the defense of animals Gaia reacted outraged to the rejection, on Friday, by the Brussels parliament of the proposal for an ordinance aimed at prohibiting slaughter without … Read more

how to refresh your dog or cat?

Some French regions have been on heat alert for several days. Therefore, precautions should be taken to avoid heatstroke in your pets, especially dogs and cats. Here are a few tips. When it’s hot, we are the first to complain about the heat and the difficulty in cooling down. Imagine then your animals, which not … Read more

Passionate, new high-flying gastronomic table

By Laura B. Photos by Laura B. Posted Jun 17, 2022 11:00 AM The French gourmet restaurant Passionné has just opened in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, a stone’s throw from the Grands Boulevards. In the kitchen, the Japanese chef Satoshi Horiuchi delivers a high-flying score. After To, Shiro and the izakaya Ao, the restaurant … Read more