Oodrive-sign : Electronic signature security

For Alexandre Mermod, Lead product manager at Oodrive for the Oodrive Sign solution: “Companies must secure not only their communication infrastructures, but also their business processes. Oodrive Sign is a software solution an intelligent software solution designed to support business teams. Not only does it provide a guaranteed legal value for electronic signatures, but it also allows for strict control of all commitments, from their formulation to their implementation.”

How did the Oodrive Sign offer come about?

Alexandre Mermod graduated as an engineer from Lausanne and started his career in Silicon Valley, before moving to the south of France in 2007 and co-founding Calinda Software, a publisher of collaborative tools for the enterprise. In 2014, SELL& SIGN was born, and soon posted annual growth rates of between 30% and 100%. In 2021, as the Covid 19 crisis amplifies and accelerates the digital transformation of companies, this Tech nugget gets closer to Oodrive, the European leader in sensitive content management. SELL& SIGN then became part of the group and, equipped with new growth levers, became Oodrive Sign, a new electronic signature module in the Oodrive collaborative trust suite.

What is the legal value of the electronic signature?

It is article 1367 of our Civil Code that gives the electronic signature the same legal value than the traditional manual signature, provided that the identification of the signatory has been carried out correctly, that the link between the signatory and the document is effective, and that the integrity of the document is established. From A to Z, Oodrive Sign allows for an even more secure process than with a traditional signature. Less paper, and paradoxically more guarantees, since tangible elements of proof are automatically collected: IP address of the signatory’s terminal, cell phone number with the sending of a single-use code, locking of the document after signing, etc.

What does Oodrive Sign bring to company lawyers?

In the current context of digital revolution, it is imperative for companies to be able to guarantee the authenticity of commitments made and received. Legal departments have a key role to play in creating a solid file for each of these commitments, to be produced in the event of a dispute or litigation. Within a dense normative environment, they need to equip themselves with efficient software tools, since they have to: secure identities and/or consents, personalize contracts and then validate and record them, etc.

Oodrive Sign claims to be not just a technical “digital buffer” system, but part of the new generation of intelligent software solutions. It also supports and assists its clients in the drafting and “filling in” of documents, the automation of processes and the efficient de-materialization of information (duplication, filing, archiving, personalized access management, etc.).

At the crossroads of technology and law, it is not only an aid to governance but also a real lever for economic performance.

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