Oodrive_sign: an electronic signature that guarantee trust

Let’s first recall that digital sovereignty is a major issue for organizations. In this respect, signature offers are obliged to provide optimal security for document processing.

The very strict rules of the GDPR or “General Data Protection Regulation” (EU), the eIDAS regulation or the General Security Reference System (RGS) perfectly frame data protection in Europe.

Oodrive_sign, a French solution complies with all these regulations. On the other hand, the leaders (DocuSign, Adobe or HelloSign) are American companies, therefore subject to the “Cloud Act” (“Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act”). This 2018 federal law allows US administrations with a judicial warrant to access servers managed by its companies (including the sprawling GAFAM) worldwide. This is why the Cloud Act is denounced by European experts as a possible vector ofstrategic or industrial espionageor even theft of data.

In this context of uncertainty, it is undeniable that European or French service operators, such as oodrive_sign, are more transparent in terms of data protection.

In addition, the American electronic signature solutions were precursors. This is of course their strength, but also their weakness. Over-developed, over-improved and constantly enriched with new functionalities, they have become excessively complex. On the contrary, oodrive_sign represents the future: at the cutting edge of the most recent technologies, 100% operational and 100% reliable, but simpler!

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In general, is it in the interest of businesses to adopt electronic signatures?

It is clear, on the one hand, that e-signature is faster and, on the other hand, that teletransmission is perfectly in line with new business practices. The proof was largely made through the health crisis, which caused an exponential growth of teleworking and remote communications.

This is not a cyclical phenomenon, but a strong, unavoidable trend that is integrated into the business processes and software that result from the digital transformation. The first concrete advantage for companies is the saving of time, and therefore of productivity and competitiveness. According to an Oodrive study, carried out by OpinionWay in February 2020, 63% of managers describe electronic signatures as “facilitating daily life”.

In addition, it saves paper and postage, which is never negligible and is often decisive for certain players with a high level of contractual activity. Not to mention the efficiency and dynamism that electronic signatures bring to transactions: as soon as they are concluded, they are completed and contracted, with no risk of error or omission in dates, deadlines, required signatories, etc. And contrary to some preconceived ideas, it has a perfect legal value (European eIDAS regulation of 2014) and it is more secure than its handwritten counterpart, due to its multiple layers of security.

How does oodrive_sign compare to its competitors? Why choose this solution rather than another ?

Professional electronic signature solutions, subject to strict standards and offering similar functionalities, might seem, at first glance, to be little differentiated. In reality, as with any work tool, it is better to take the time to compare before choosing !

The first decisive criterion is compliance, with appropriate qualifications and certifications: eIDAS, RGS, ISO 27001, or even more advanced, such as the “security visa” of theANSSI. It should be noted that oodrive, the first player to be qualified as SecNumCloud by the ANSSI in January 2019, also benefits from HDS (Health Data Hosting) certification.

The second criterion is ease of use. The easier it is, with intuitive interfaces, the faster users will be efficient and autonomous… And the third is integration with existing tools and applications. Then comes mobility, the number of users/documents included in the offer and the customization of uses. On all these essential points for companies, oodrive_sign is at the highest level. Why is this so? Because it is a solution designed natively by the European leader in sensitive management to secure exchanges, while facilitating and making them more fluid.

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