Test: should you buy Sony PlayStation 5?

A futuristic design that can certainly be criticized. But it’s quickly forgotten once the console is turned on. If the PS5 has caused a lot of ink to flow for its imposing spaceship look, all dressed in white, we have to admit that the result is amazing. The PS5 faces the new Xbox Series X and S from Microsoft. We tested the PS5 with disc drive for about ten days.

There is 2 different PS5

Great news, the PlayStation 5 comes out in two versions. The classic one equipped with a disk drive with a hard drive of 825 GB. It costs 499 dollars. And the big news is a 100% digital console at 399 dollars, without a disk drive.

It will be necessary to download the games online from the PlayStation Store. If the purchase economy is interesting, in the long run it will not be possible to to resell these games purchased second hand. And considering the size that the latest blockbusters are now taking, about fifty gigabytes, if you are a compulsive gamer, your hard drive might fill up very quickly. Only 600 GB are available for installing games, or at best a dozen games.

This console uses the latest graphics card from AMD, but above all an SSD hard drive.

The goal is to offer greater responsiveness and to reduce loading times. Does it work? Yes in our humble opinion. Starting up the console, launching a game, or even loading times in the few games we were able to try are frankly reduced. Less time to wait, more time to play, for now the gain in fluidity is noticeable.

Note that Sony announces that the console will eventually support the 8K TV technology…. even if for the moment very few televisions are compatible.

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