Xiaomi Mi Released its Electric Pro Scooter

The same as before but better? This is the promise put forward by Xiaomi for its new Mi Electric Scooter Pro. Even if electric scooters have lost their disruptive/start-up nation aura, users are still numerous to opt for this mode of travel in big cities.

Without question, Xiaomi’s new scooter offers undeniable improvements. The autonomy is inflated with a battery passing from 7.800 mAh to 12.800 mAh. The manufacturer now promises 45 km for 30 previously. With urban traffic and a larger size than the one used to evaluate the autonomy (75 kg), the distance covered in reality is less, around 30 km. This nevertheless offers a fairly large freedom for urban trips, even in the capital and the inner suburbs.

Pimp my trotti

Mechanically, with a larger battery, the scooter weighs just under 2 kg at 14.2 kg. Even more complicated to carry if you opt for multimodal trips. Despite this, the scooter is very easy to fold.

Another consequence of larger batteries is that the central leg plate is thicker, making it much easier to hold both feet. An important detail is that the braking is very effective and reassuring on this scooter, which can go up to 25 km/h.

More practical, the scooter also gains a larger LCD screen and especially this one indicates much more data: speed in real time, remaining battery life, and chosen speed mode. The Mi Electric Scooter Pro allows you to choose between three speed modesco (15 km/h max), standard (20 km/h max) or Sport (25 km/h max). An upgraded version of the “Pimp my ride” of Xzibit.

Like the previous model, this scooter is also connected via Bluetooth. The application, well thought out, allows you to choose the energy recovery mode when braking. Or to lock the scooter with a code via the application to avoid theft. Or to opt for a cruise control to release the handle in a straight line. The lights, front and rear, are unchanged and still very effective to see, and especially be seen.

The motor of this scooter has been increased from 250 W to 300 W. However, there is not much difference in use. It is still difficult to start quickly, perfect for scooter beginners. Especially if you plan to climb hills, like Montmartre in Paris, you will be almost faster on foot than on your disruptive machine.

Unbearable lightness of being

However, Xiaomi has not erased the dross that dotted the routes with its previous model, M365. The first problem was the fragility of the front tire. It’s quite simple, Xiaomi opted for inflatable tires like on a classic bike. Except that the nozzle provided with the scooter to inflate the front tire simply does not work. So it is very complicated, if not impossible, to really inflate the front tire. When the front tire is under-inflated, it is a guaranteed puncture (thanks to road safety). In a few weeks of use, certainly intensive, we punctured twice. And it is very complicated to repair your scooter by yourself. In use, it would be easier to simply change the front wheel to avoid these inconveniences. This would necessarily increase the real purchase price.

Xiaomi positions its scooter at 499 dollars, 100 dollars more than its previous model. A choice that still positions this model in entry-level, true to the image of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. This positioning prevents it from adding shock absorbers that would make the trips more comfortable and harmonious. The harshness of the shocks makes it almost impossible for a normal person to drive on a paved road. And, should we remind you, it is forbidden to ride on a sidewalk with a scooter, under penalty of a fine of 135 dollars.

In short, the Mi Electric Scooter Pro is perfect for new users of this mode of transport, who want to make short urban trips without constraints. For those who want to use it intensively and who have already used Lime and/or Bolt, more expensive models exist.

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