What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to a set of remote online storage systems. In other words, it is a system that allows you to store your data on remote computers (called servers) that can only be accessed through the Internet.

Generally speaking, cloud computing is a set of solutions that allow to provide different services on demand through the Internet. With this system, all your data is stored on a remote server instead of on your computer’s hard drive. Nowadays, it is used by both companies and individuals.

However, there are different types of cloud computing, and choosing a cloud according to your needs is not always easy. How does the cloud work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a storage system? What are the different types of cloud computing? So many questions to which it is important to provide adequate answers. Find out here what you need to know about the cloud.

How does the cloud computing work?

The cloud remains a system of services. It is only a set of equipment composed of servers on which are stored the data of the customers and the connectivity (cables or optical fiber) by which the customers have access.

It remains the property of a cloud storage provider who sells the cloud services to customers with different geographical positions. This remote server is a large computer with high performance (several processors and a lot of RAM), secure, running a powerful operating system, applications and software that are regularly updated.

It is rarely subject to a computer virus attack. It offers various services to all customers who connect to it via the Internet or private connection networks. In its configuration, the provider offers an automation option that allows the client to manage the server and the network according to its needs.

This service users are not obliged to follow a directive offered by the cloud. They remain independent and work as if the data were stored on their own hard drive. The cloud user is not aware of the geographical location of the datacenters where his data is stored.

Types of cloud computing

On the market, there are different types of clouds that specifically meet your needs. Whether you want to simplify your tasks or manage your operations more efficiently, you have a wide range of clouds at your disposal. Here are some of them!

1. Public cloud

It is an infrastructure that allows you to store your data online on servers that are also accessible to other users. This number of users is limited. The pricing on a public cloud varies according to the volume of data you store on the server. You pay as much as you store or use data. This type of cloud offers its users an almost infinite amount of data.

2. Private cloud

As its name indicates, it remains the property of an entity. Most often, it is the type of cloud adapted to companies that want to have full control over their data, software and applications that are stored on their own servers. These servers can be housed in premises other than those that house the company.

However, the servers can also be under the management of an external provider. This type of cloud allows the customer to have direct access to them. The installation of this type of server requires significant financial and logistical resources. This powerful and secure cloud remains totally under the control of the user.

3. Hybrid cloud

Some companies have started using this type of cloud. Indeed, the hybrid cloud is the combination of private and public cloud. It remains the prerogative of large companies that have specific needs.

Indeed, in the management of their various operations, they have two types of data (confidential and non-confidential data). Sensitive data remains stored on the private cloud and the other data remains on the public cloud where everyone can access it.

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