Which Apple iPhone should you buy?

They are now all here. Announced during the keynote on September 12, the 3 new iPhones are now available in France. The iPhone XR is released this Friday, October 26, preceded by the iPhone XS and XS max since September 21. The company headed by Tim Cook is now segmenting its offer with three annual models. The opportunity to please the largest number while having a price range for these new models from 855 to 1,657 dollars.

At less than 1,000 dollars

If your budget or psychological barrier prevents you from spending more than 1,000 dollars for a state-of-the-art smartphone, the iPhone XR that comes out this Friday is the only one of the latest Apple smartphones to fall into this category. And again, not necessarily all versions of the iPhone XR. In 64GO memory and 128 versions, Apple’s smartphone is still under 1,000 dollars (855 and 917 dollars). In 256GB memory version, it exceeds the threshold (1,027 dollars).

And for almost a dollar, here is what the Cupertino firm offers: a smartphone almost as powerful and powerful as the “flagship” models of the Apple brand that are the XS and XS max. This may seem out of place for such an expensive smartphone, but it is the best value for money from Apple, 300 dollars cheaper with 64GB of memory than the XS.

Main difference with the XS and XS max, the iPhone XR does not have an Oled screen but a screen composed of a Led slab of 6.1 inches. Smaller than the iPhone XS max (6.5 inches) but larger than the XS (5.8 inches). From a distance the screen looks similar with the same “notch” (screen with a notch at the top) and rounded edges. The definition is slightly lower (1,782 x 828 pixels) than the iPhone X or iPhone 8+. The smartphone is also slightly thicker than the XS (8.3 mm vs. 7.7) and therefore heavier (194 g vs. 177).

The 6 colors offered by Apple make it more pop and less classic than the more sober XS and XS max. In terms of resistance to aggression, the certification of the XR is less good than that of the XS or XS max (IP 67 against IP 68). Specifically, it can survive water splashes for less than 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter but will have more difficulty absorbing coffee, tea or beer.

The main difference is the presence of a single camera on the back of the iPhone XR against two for the XS and XS max. The wide angle lens (f/1.8 aperture) is the same as that of the iPhone XS. It also allows to make portraits with the bokeh effect (blurred background). Except that the camera has only three modes available against 5 for the iPhone XS.

As with the iPhone XS and XS max, the XR has the two SIM cards (one electronic, the other physical). The XR is also compatible in fast charging as the XS and XS max. The processor that runs the iPhone, the A12 Bionic, is also similar to the XS and XS max. The iPhone XR also has facial recognition like the XS and XS max.

iPhone XS, the versatility

If your budget is more important, you can decide to opt for the iPhone XS (from 1,155 to 1,557 dollars depending on the chosen memory: from 64 to 512GO). Let’s face it, few users have such intensive and memory-hungry usage to justify 512GO of storage memory. The 256GB version at 1.327 dollars allows you to have a good compromise if you intend to keep your smartphone for a long time, while being able to have a more than comfortable storage.

For aficionados of the Cupertino firm, the iPhone XS looks a lot like the Apple iPhone X released last year. The 5.8-inch OLED screen and the thickness of the smartphone are the same. The main difference is in the camera. The images are of better quality, both in video (recording in 4K stereo) and in photo with the dual lens in the front. The photos are much more successful in low light, long the weak point of Apple in this area.

Apple claims that the battery has been improved over the iPhone X and has a 40% longer life. The iPhone XS is also much more resistant than the iPhone X to liquids (IP 68 so resistant to two meters of water for 30 minutes).

iPhone XS max: all about the screen

The iPhone XS max has an imposing Oled screen of 6.5 inches as well as a price for many prohibitive. The 64GB version starts at 1,255 dollars and goes up to 1,657 dollars in the 512GB version. Between the two extremes, the 256GB version is still at 1.427 dollars. What can justify such a price for a smartphone?

The screen of the iPhone XS max is slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a definition of (2688×1242 pixels). Let’s say it, it will delight in terms of color and sharpness the big consumers of videos. Watching movies on his smartphone from Netflix is more than recommended with the XS max.

The XS max’s camera is better than the XR’s, but it’s similar to the XS’s. It’s all a matter of taste. In each version offered, the iPhone XS max is sold 100 dollars more than the iPhone XS. And if you are not an “Apple addict”, you can always turn to the competition: Samsung, Huawei, Google or even Xiaomi.

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